Types And Tactics In Sex Trafficking

Every year, several children, women, and men around the world (primarily underage children) are forced by other people to do prostitution in exchange for a little amount of money. This case has never been legal because no one has ever had the right to use children, women, or even men as sex slaves. Here are some types of sex trafficking:

  • Prostitution

This forces people to do sexual activities with another individual in exchange for money.


  • Pornography

This refers to the sexually explicit communication, those referred to X-rated, that can be achieved in writing, filming, or photographing.


  • Sex Tourism

Victims are brought to vacation destinations and are forced to do sexual activities with the tourists.


  • Stripping

The victims are forced to strip their clothing publicly to tease people.


  • Mail-order Brides

Women are being traded online. Foreigners will look for their wives by buying them online just like how they do buy and sell products online on the internet.

Tactics in Conducting Sex Trafficking

You might have wondered why these happen and why it has not been totally stopped by many officials for years. This is because those who victimized people use several tactics like gang rape, confinement, beatings, rape, forced drugging and alcohol usage, starvation, threats to their families, threats of shame to their families and friends, and deportation. The victims do not want these things to happen that is why they cannot quit from this job immediately.

Because of sex trafficking, victims may most likely experience burns, traumatic brain injury, memory loss, concussions, dizziness, addiction to alcohol and drugs, headaches, broken bones, numbness, broken bones, and even vaginal/anal tearing. They might also contract diseases such as AIDS, bacterial vaginosis, herpes, chlamydia, malaria, TB, and hepatitis. Since sex trafficking involves women, they most likely experience forced abortions, sterility, menstrual problems, and miscarriages.

Among all human rights violations, sex trafficking is considered as the worst. Authorities have been targeting these for years, but until today, this has not been stopped yet.